Monsters University (2013) Review


A look into how Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan first met at Monster University and that quite frankly they could not stand each other, but learnt that they really could help each other out if they were willing to overcome their differences.


A sequel that is really a prequel to the beloved Monsters, Inc and the two characters who made everyone really love the film. More of Mike and Sulley but not as we were used to them during that first film though. This is the story of how they met and did not get along at all.

The opening scene sees a very young Mike on a school trip and decides at that moment he wants to be a top scarer, something that sees him work very hard everyday to ensure his dream will come true. When starting Monster University he knows he can do it, Dean Hardscrabble does not have much faith in him though and does not think he has what it takes at all. You then throw in Sulley and how he comes from a big family of amazing scary monsters and he therefore thinks he does not have to work hard at all.

This is how Mike and Sulley will work out that they really do need each other. They join a group of other monsters in a sorority and they are pretty much the misfit group. Who have all been written off as being scare majors. This is something that you just know will see them all have incredible journeys with each other and help mould them. Something that quite frankly is enjoyable enough to watch.

While getting to see our two favourite characters again and it has a very amusing moments and some good messages it is missing some of the magic from the first film. Its not the worst prequel at all but it just isn’t on the same amazing level as Monsters, Inc. I still enjoy watching this one don’t get me wrong but it is hard to compete with something that has been so loved for such a long time. With 12 years between the two films it is quite a lot of time in animation terms when you think the prime audience is children. Although I was super excited when we eventually got Toy Story 3!

We get plenty of different and new monsters and the visual side is just as good as the first film which is something that you hope will not be lacking. The story is solid enough as well getting to find out just how Mike and Sulley not only became friends but great partners as well.

Helen Mirren is probably the biggest name that is added to the cast and you cannot deny that it is her voice. It is fun to have Billy Crystal and John Goodman back together again for this though, and even more fun being able to watch both films back to back. I must admit though this was only the second time I have seen this film for whatever reason I totally missed it coming out.

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