Monsters, Inc (2001) Review


Monsters living with no humans must provide power for the city by scaring human children at night and using the scares as power. We follow Mike and Sulley on the quest for him to be the number one. But when Boo is sneaks into the monster world they start a quest to get her back home safely.


Mike wants nothing more than Sulley to be the top monster to scare children and generation the most power. He craves to be famous and that is something that Sulley doesn’t seem as bothered about despite it being all about him. The friendship really does work as they both care about each other and look out for each other throughout.

Randall is the biggest competition in terms of scares but he is equally as scary back in monster world and hates well quite frankly everyone. When he was working after hours one night and Sulley just happened to be around he comes across Boo who snuck from her room into the monster world. He sees it as his mission to ensure she is returned safely as everyone freaks out he relies on Mike to help him. Something Mike is not happy about at all, but reluctantly he does everything he can for his friend.

We enter a type of chase scenario as they attempt to keep Boo safe and look after her, she even gives Sulley another nickname of Kitty. Which shows that she is not scared of him at all, but Randall is another matter. The best thing about everything is finding out that being scary is not necessarily the only way to generate power from children!

Everything about Monsters, Inc just works in the best possible way. It combines a bit of everything for both children and adults in terms of the jokes and slapstick nature at times. It has plenty of different types of monsters which are very nice to look at it has to be said, the animation from Pixar really is top level.

I truly believe it works with Billy Crystal and John Goodman heading up the voices for our two heroes and they work so incredibly well together I can understand why we got a sequel (Monsters University) and it also makes me wondering why they haven’t been in a live action comedy film together. Also interesting that they actually recorded some of their lines at the same time, which was not a common thing to do for an animated film and I think you can tell because of how good they sound together. As you may already be aware I am a very big Billy Crystal fan, so even voice work counts! Having Steve Buscemi as Randall really was the perfect choice as well considering he often plays the slimy more evil character type!

PIxar really do the best animation in my opinion as it always looks so clean, clear and stunning. They use plenty of colours and that is something we get to see in abundance in Monsters, Inc in particular with all of the monsters being bright and bold colours. I mean come on it took 11 to 12 hours to render a single frame of Sulley because of his 2.3 million animated hair strands which were individual (fact taken from IMDb) and that just confirms the attention to detail!

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