Hustlers (2019) Review


Hustlers is inspired by a New York magazine article which sees strippers band together to make money from their Wall Street clients and how the 2008 crash effected everyone.


A film based on an article? Yes, that is correct. Something amazing about this film is that it will push you in so many different directions when it comes to your morals and how you feel towards the different characters at different stages of the story. We are told the story as Destiny is talking to reporter Elizabeth who is writing the article, a pretty good way to put everything together as we work through the timeline.

Destiny wanted nothing more than to be able to make some money and help out her Grandmother who had raised her when she was left by her parents one day. Entering into the stripping world of New York City and very quickly meeting Ramona who wants to help her out. Giving her plenty of tips and a crash course on the different types of men who come into the club. Not only does it educate Destiny, it also serves the same purpose for the viewer.

This means that the film starts off in a rather raunchy manner as we see many different types of dances on the main floor and in the private rooms as well. The men mainly from Wall Street have more money than they know what to do with. Destiny embraces her new found life and money. Being led by Ramona, however when Wall Street crashed in 2008 everything would change for the women working in the clubs as well. Destiny had been away from the scene for a while due to having a baby. It wasn’t long though until she was reunited with Ramona.

Now everything has to be done differently to try and get the men into the club. This is when it takes a more sinister turn as they drugged the clients to then take as much money as they possibly could. Something that surely they cannot do anything about when the card statements read a strip club right? Well, that is certainly how they see it and they believe these men fully deserve it.

The way things change is when it makes it very tough to watch, as you cannot help but think of that was reversed and men drugging women then it would not have been made into a film at all. The women taking revenge on some of the men and regular clients that they had many years before. Could it ever really be a good thing to do?

Something that was impressive in the film were the performances from Constance Wu and Jennifer Lopez. They were both outstanding, working so well together and also as individuals. It was something that I wasn’t really expecting at all. Also can we please talk about how Lopez does not seem to be ageing at all. She looks exactly the same as she did 15-20 years ago! Putting in better acting performances as well. Wu is an actress that I have really been enjoying to watch as well.

Did the men deserve it? Well, I guess that is the toughest question to come from this film and it is something that at times you even think yes. But then some tales were actually rather sad when the more innocent ones lost everything. It really does place a tough moral dilemma in your head!

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