Tall Girl (2019) Review


Jodi is the tall girl at her High School and has never enjoyed the attention it brings her. The name calling and attempting to hide even though that is impossible. Her best friend Fareeda does her very best to encourage her to embrace herself and the height.


I guess we have seen so many different high school films over the years and in many ways this one is not really any different. We have someone who is picked on, in this one it is because Jodi is pretty much the tallest person in the school. This has left her being very self conscious and longing for a boyfriend who is actually taller than her.

When Stig Mohlin arrives as an exchange student from Sweden, she feels everything will change. Eventually a boy who is taller than her. Kimmy the most popular girl makes an early play for him and it isn’t long before she is calling Stig her boyfriend. As well as this Jack has always been totally in love with Jodi and must watch as she does everything to try and get Stig, who just happens to be living at his house.

Even thinking about the plot and writing about it has made me dislike this film even more. I am sure something good could have come from the storyline to help promote body image and self esteem in a much better manner. This film does not and even has her father making awful decisions and comments in trying to help her. That scene with the tall club having a meeting at the house was just quite frankly awful.

The stereotypes of the popular kids are always the same and as Stig who is apparently small in Swedish terms has a chance to be in with that crowd. Another truly stupid part of the story, lets not forget that horrific accent which is probably the funniest thing about the whole film when quite frankly that was never meant to be the funny part. Oh I also forgot to mention that Jodi’s sister Harper is a beauty queen taking part in pageants . . .

It feels very harsh to be putting this review together but it really is not a nice or good film at all. I will praise Ava Michelle for her performance though as I thought she was the only positive thing about it all. Reminding me of Blake Lively at times which I guess could be a good thing?

I have also decided if Netflix display and preview a film enough times you will eventually watch it. So I am blaming that on my decision to actually watch this film. As it really does not look that bad when you watch the trailer. But I would like to confirm it could end up being even worse than you could possibly imagine, mainly because they could have had some real positive outcomes in terms of the story and plot. By the end I really wasn’t even bothered what happened anymore.

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