Dora and the Lost City of Gold (2019) Review


Dora is a teenage explorer and had recently been sent from the jungle to attend high school with her cousin Diego. When her parents appear to have gone missing she is taken by mercenaries and must beat them to find her parents, with her new found friends with her, can they find the lost city of gold?


My background knowledge of Dora the Explorer is not really the biggest, I was too old to watch it when it was released. The little I did know was around the Spanish words and that it was a a rather educational programme? If I am wrong I do apologise but that is just what I assumed it was like. Along with her friend that is a monkey, luckily we get Boots in this too!

Within the then live action film they poke fun a little bit at that part of the animated tv show. Having Dora turn to the camera at times and her parents to joke that she would grow out of it. Along with asking everyone to repeat words, that is something that is more at the start and fades out as the film goes on.

Dora and her cousin Diego love exploring and having adventures. But when his parents decide to move to the city the cousins are split up and seemingly don’t have any contact with one another for the next ten years. When turning 16 Dora is sent to stay with her Auntie and Uncle and attend high school with Diego as her parents attempt to find the lost jungle.

Dora is full of life and friendly towards everyone, something that does not work well in a high school environment. To begin with Diego finds this difficult and doesn’t really want to admit that they are related. You have to admire the carefree attitude towards others and life from Dora. On a field trip she ends up getting taken along with Diego and two other classmates Sammy and Randy. Not forgetting that she constantly wants to make up songs and break out in them.

The four teenagers must navigate through the jungle and attempt to find Dora’s parents before it is too late. Throughout this we get some twists and turns. I will mention one scene that I found rather hilarious was the brief switch to the animated version. Although the fact they are seemly drugged for this to happen? Anyway that is one way it pays homage to the animated series.

The film is enjoyable enough and I am sure it has enough for both adults and children to be entertained. Isabela Moner was a very good lead as Dora and really had so much energy and charisma on screen.

I was probably a little bit apprehensive about going to see this film at the cinema, but I had seen quite a lot of positive comments around the film so thought I would check it out. Therefore I was pleasantly surprised with the direction this film went in, easily left open for more and it to become a series if this one is received in a good manner (and does well at the box office of course).

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