Angel Has Fallen (2019) Review


Secret Service agent Mike Banning is framed for an assassination attempt on the President, betrayed by who he thought was a friend and then wanted by his own agency as well as the FBI. Can he clear his name before it is too late?


After Olympus Has Fallen and London Has Fallen we get the final part to what has no become a trilogy. Angel Has Fallen really goes for it in terms of explosions. Yes, really it has a lot of them and they are absolutely huge throughout the film as well. Never think oh wow that was the last one as it is certainly something that you need from an action film.

The plot tries to be clever in terms of the way Mike Banning is framed by Wade Jennings. A man he once thought of as a friend, is actually working with someone else who is based at the White House. I personally felt if that had not be revealed to the viewer so early the plot twist might have been a little bit better than already knowing. We are shown a different side to Mike as he is enjoying life with his wife and young daughter.

The attack on the President was pretty impressive to watch in all honesty and with the drones being used certainly reminded everyone that it is indeed 2019. It was very effective but as soon as it doesn’t attack Mike we know something is not quite right. I think even if we weren’t actually sure if he was innocent or guilty, could have really played with everyone’s emotions considering we know the character quite well by now really.

Plenty of explosions and gun fire throughout which is what you expect from this kind of film and I felt as though they really did go all out in that sense. The budget for those scenes must have been absolutely huge! I mean come on it really was on another level, you certainly would not find anyone falling asleep when watching this film at the cinema with the sheer volume that then contained.

While the film is by no means groundbreaking it certainly does tick the boxes for it being entertaining. Something Gerard Butler does very well and the likability of Mike Banning really has helped as well. I personally didn’t feel we got enough Morgan Freeman, but I guess we can never get enough of him? The pair do interactive and work very well with one another though. It makes you wonder how close a Presidents gets to those men that are working to project him every single day.

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