Stranger Things (Season 3) Review


We enter the third season of the smash hit tv series from Netflix and it wasn’t going to slow down. We are now into the summer of 1985 and the new Starcourt Mall has become the biggest thing in Hawkins.


Season 3 really delves into how the characters are getting older and interests are changing. Starting relationships and this is something Jim Hopper cannot cope with when it comes to Eleven and Mike, he really struggles with the relationship.

Despite the portal being closed to the Upside Down something begins to happen and Will is one of the first to notice this, his awareness since being trapped is heightened. Eleven and Max notice strange things about some of the town’s residents as well. So we must wait and see why this is happening, then having the Russians as a prime part of the story first picked up by Dustin on his radio device set up to talk to his new girlfriend who he met at his summer Science Camp.

On a night when the power goes out this is when Will gets a strange feeling, something is happening at the mill just as Billy is driving past and he is dragged inside. The already unpopular character is about to get a whole lot worse! Jim and Joyce’s relationship gets a little bit more complicated, but they do make a fantastic team together.

Something that is truly outstanding about Stranger Things is how each episode is packed with so many different things happening. Throughout this season we see a few different groups/partnerships forming and that they would eventually all come together and the plot entangles everything that has been going on separately, which certainly does well for the story as a whole.

It does feel a little sad that Dustin spends the majority of this away from his friends, but the camp experience and coming back they have been pushed away from each other a little bit. But when it truly matters they do find their way back to each other. We get a new character in Robin who works at the ice cream store in the mall with Steve, and she is key to breaking a code which sees them teamed up together along with Lucas’ sister Erica. I honestly found some of those scenes as they are trapped to be outstanding. The tension they managed to build up really did make you struggle to breath as you were watching it.

Eleven using her powers so many times to help out the group as they try to find out what happened to Billy and if they can actually save him. Visually everything seems to be even better again, not that the first two seasons were bad or anything but they improve this show all of the time. Especially when you think of the beast and then becoming a larger beast, it is very creepy and the main thing I could think was “what on earth is that” which again highlights the power of this show.

Without any spoilers the final scene in episode 8 really got to me and yes I was crying and not ashamed to admit it. Keep watching though as we get a slight credits/after credits scene as well. Along with the different action scenes, we still get some nice friendship moments as well as some funny moments. We even get a little song from Dustin when we eventually find out that Suzie is real, something the gang did not quite believe.

The kids are growing up before our eyes in this show and that is something that helps it go from strength to strength as well, they have different issues to deal with. Another great throwback to the 80s with the music, film references and styles.

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