Game of Thrones (Season 7) Review


Number of Episodes: 7
Running time: Approximately 60 mins per episode

The penultimate season of this truly epic series really is another groundbreaking and action filled throughout its seven episodes which are slightly longer than the previous six seasons which had ten episodes.

Westeros will eventually have the arrival of Daenerys Targaryen with her army and the three dragons. Will Jon Snow pledge his allegiance to her or to the Lannisters and Queen Cersei. Jon named King of the North must secure the loyalties of other houses in the North. Attempting to prepare everyone for the army of the undead coming south of the wall led by the Night King. That is not something that people actually want to believe and quite frankly who would?

I love how the journey of the surviving Stark children eventually sees them being reunited at Winterfell, something we had never really been sure about actually happening. Especially with the distance that was then put between them all. Bran now has a newfound role that as the Three-Eyed Raven and with his visions can really help with the war that is upon them. No lying at all now around him!

A truly incredibly scene has to be between Arya and Brienne when she had returned to Winterfell and this unnerves Sansa a lot wondering what exactly her sister had been through and what she had actually become.

I felt as though throughout this season we eventually get the majority of the characters within the same scenes as each other. Something we have waited all this time to have them together. Which certainly did remind us that it is not long until it is all over. Who will be ruling over the seven kingdoms from the Iron Throne?

Plenty of different alliances that are built up and made but as always unsure if they are actually being truthful. I guess we will have to just wait and see what happens in the battle between the dead and living in the final epic season. I actually felt as though during this season I liked most of the characters and no longer really have a big hatred towards anyone. Which is a little bit strange considering how evil some of the previous characters have been, I felt as though everyone at some point during this season was actually likeable.

Something I had totally forgotten was how amazing the development of Sansa is, I don’t have a fond memory of her. But giving the show a second viewing I actually think she is an amazing female character. The fact that this series gives us so many women in a position of power is outstanding! Special mention must go to Bella Ramsey as Lyanna Mormont who steals each and every scene she is in (which isn’t a huge amount of time) but she is amazing for such a young actress it is breathtaking to watch!

Now this was an amazing build up towards what I am sure will be a very epic conclusion!


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