Nim’s Island (2008) Review


Nim Rusoe lives on an isolated island with her father scientist Jack Rusoe, who is doing research around the marine life. Nim communicates with author Alex Rover as she is currently reading the latest novel. When her father is missing after a storm she confines in Alex for much-needed help.


Nim thinks Alex is a man and is certainly not expecting a woman to show up. Baring in mind that Alex is pretty much a recluse and does not communicate with many people in her life. Using her imagination to create amazing adventures, despite never going on any adventures herself. This was about to change though when she feels responsible to help Nim, a real struggle even to get on the airplane to find the island she certainly pushes her comfort levels to the extreme.

I am guessing people will be wondering why I suddenly decided to watch this film? Well, I’m going through Jodie Foster films at the moment and this was on Netflix. With Gerard Butler and Abigail Breslin also in it I thought it cannot possibly be too bad. Well, it wasn’t massively bad. However, it wasn’t massively good either. I would safely say that it is a very average film that doesn’t really offer anything new in this genre.

I began watching this with well no expectations which sometimes opens you up to some hidden gems. Disappointed to say that this is not a hidden gem. In all honesty I don’t even think I had heard of it before.

We see Nim making friends with different animals on the island and truly living in her own fantasy world. Then we see Alex talking to the hero from her novels in her room as she is attempting to write more, she cannot even bring herself to get the mail from outside her house. Jack doubles up as Alex Rover from the novels which means we get more Gerard Butler on-screen.

Performance wise, Abigail Breslin is ok in the leading role I guess this was one of her first more leads. I have always quite liked her and love to see how her career is progressing in that transition from child actor to adult actor. I feel she is doing pretty well with that. Jodie Foster, in a film like this is very different to the rest of her career choices. Maybe that was the reason behind taking on this type of film? Gerard Butler is always charming no matter on the role, despite this being a pretty small one.

You are not really missing anything if you have not seen this film to be totally brutal. If you have seen it though please let me know your thoughts on it!

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