The Princess Switch (2018) Review


A week before Christmas Margaret the Duchess of Montenaro who is engaged to marry Prince Edward convinces Stacy to switch places with her for a few days, as they somehow are identical!


I have decided that this one from Netflix is 2018’s answer to the 2017 hit A Christmas Prince. So they must have a Prince and Romance in set around Christmas, I am convinced this one will hit the same level in terms of people watching it. Just to make it even better Netflix is featured and yes they do watch A Christmas Prince! I thought that was hilarious yet brilliant all at the same time.

Stacy De Novo is pretty set in her ways in life from Chicago and has her own bakery, the way she ends up meeting Lady Margaret is when attending the royal baking competition. Both taken back by the fact that they look so much like each other. Margaret wanted nothing more than to be “normal” and see how it would be to live in that manner. She does not really know Edward and the marriage is more to join nations and keep peace, no mention of love.

We also have a mysterious character who keeps popping up who can only be from Santa right? Well, I guess that is how it is supposed to come across. Always turning up at the times when they needed him the most.

When the swap happens it is very obvious what is going to happen for the women and the men they are suddenly thrown together with. Even though the outcome was already know I still found it to be a rather nice film in all honesty. Vanessa Hudgens certainly had the charm to pull of both roles and was convincing enough with them as well. Being the rougher Stacy and posh Margaret.

This one didn’t focus too much on Christmas, just had a couple of messages and the meaning but it wasn’t full on rammed at you that it was a Christmas film. The romance was done in a much better way, keeping some funny moments involved as well. I hate it when a film revolves around the Christmas theme, so that was pretty nice in all honesty. It helped to show that someone really can come into your life when you least expect it and change everything. That is what happened with the role swap!

Although something amazing with the role swap storyline is that they can suddenly change to a different accent and do it perfectly! I guess that does give us a chance to then just laugh at those moments right?

I will be watching closely to see how this one is received as it does have some nice moments in it, nothing spectacular but a good addition to this genre of cheesy romantic Christmas time films, I am sure it will be very well watched over the next six weeks in the build up towards the festive season! Let me know if you have watched this one yet?

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