Book Club (2018) Review


Four lifelong friends entering a strange chapter in their lives are brought together each month by the book club they started many year ago, when 50 Shades of Grey is the book of the month they are about to make some rather crazy decisions and start living again.


The four women are all in very different situations we have Diane who is still coming to terms with the death of her husband the year before and having to deal with her well pathetic daughters who want her to live in the basement where nothing can happen to her. Vivian has always focused more on sex than on love and has continued that throughout her life. Sharon had a very successful career as a judge but a failed marriage and turns to the internet for dating when her ex-husband gets engaged to a much younger woman. Carol is still with her husband Bruce but the spark and passion seems to have disappeared from their marriage and she will try anything to get that back.

I have to admit that to begin with I was a little bit unsure to how watching a film based on a group of women reading 50 Shades of Grey but it turned into a rather heartwarming film which I was not expecting at all. Reminding everyone that your age should really not stop you living at all. I think that is reassuring to see as we are all getting older and you don’t really want to think that it won’t get any better than how everything is right now, or that it is going to get worse.

It really does have some laugh out loud moments and probably because they are pretty embarrassing at the same time. That is of course not a bad thing at all as it adds to the humour in the film. I thought each of the actresses were perfectly cast in the roles and they all worked very well together creating a very believable friendship group. The only part of the film that annoyed me was Diane’s daughters you might have noticed how I referred to them as pathetic earlier on and that is exactly what they were. It was a very annoying part of the film as they were going on like she was 100 years old and could not move around anymore, it was no wonder she had to try to keep a new relationship secret. Seriously does anyone actually behave like they did? I hope I am not the only one who found that part annoying!

Overall though I did find myself pleasantly surprised by this one as I was not expecting very much from it and it certainly took a more meaningful and deep approach to how I was expecting. Looking at friendships, relationships, love and sex, but doing it all in what felt like a very real way. Let’s hope we are all having as much fun as these women when we reach that age, I guess we can always hope!

13 thoughts on “Book Club (2018) Review

  1. I admire that these women are headlining a film, since the movie business is so youth-obsessed; that said, the ads here in the US are pushing that aspect so much I worry it will keep younger viewers away, since they are selling it as an “old people” film!

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