Shrek 2 (2004) Review


Shrek rescued Princess Fiona and they got married, now he must meet her parents as they travel to Far Far Away in order to meet the King and Queen. Although not everything is what it seems, oh and they have no idea that Shrek (and now Fiona) are ogres.


I’m going to admit something before I get into reviewing this film and say that I was never a huge fan of the first Shrek film (to begin with anyway) but I totally loved this second instalment of everyone’s favourite ogre. I think this is easily the best in the series which probably should have stopped after this one, which pokes fun at fairy tales and the characters from start to finish.

Shrek newly married to Fiona travels to Far Far Away with her and sidekick Donkey voiced so perfectly and hilariously by Eddie Murphy. Add in Julie Andrews and John Cleese as the Queen and King, not forgetting Jennifer Saunders as the Fairy Godmother! Something which is pretty strange for certain parts of the film is that in the UK and US the voices are different! I actually think I had a copy of the US version as certain parts sound strange when I watched this film again yesterday!

Anyway as Shrek feels even more like an outcast because of the way the King treats him he no longer thinks he is what Fiona needs. This leads him to taking a potion to become human. Whilst that is happening though the Fairy Godmother is trying to get her son Prince Charming in with Fiona, as he was too late to rescue her from the tower. I’ve just realised how crazy and ridiculous this all sounds when explaining the plot! But I honestly don’t care as I really do enjoy and love this film from start to finish.

Shrek gets a second sidekick in Puss in Boots again with a fantastic vocal performance from Antonio Banderas which is just brilliant competition for Eddie Murphy as Donkey. So many moments are great quotes and you cannot help but like all of the characters and unlikely hero Shrek. So much so that I actually still have a talking Donkey toy although I cannot remember if I actually bought it or if it was a present but it is still working all of these years later!

I think the additional characters are what really made me enjoy this one more than the first one, although I do enjoy that one more than the first time I saw it. Maybe I didn’t think it was cool to like animated films still? But you pass that phase and realise they actually have better stories than some live action films!

I really do think this film would make a list of my favourite animated films as it really is so amusing from start to finish but with a pretty good message attached to it as well about looks and that what is on the inside really does count. Come on look at Prince Charming and then realise that his character is actually rather pathetic! Throughly enjoyed re-watching this one after many years!

4 thoughts on “Shrek 2 (2004) Review

  1. Shrek 2 is a 10/10 film! I love it! 😀

    I love the references to real life things life “we’re chasing a white bronco”. The OJ Simpson reference for when Donkey (now a stallion) is being chased had me in stitches…

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