Stratton (2017) Review


John Stratton a British Special Boat Service commando unearths an international terrorist when on a mission and now must battle against a mole within MI6 to prevent the attack.


The thing is though when you read the plot it sounds pretty interesting and that it will have plenty of action scenes going on in it, what you actually get with Stratton is a pretty bland effort. It feels like it has a very low-budget? I did try to find out if that was true but struggled to find anything for sure. The film has pretty much had all negative reviews and now I truly understand why.

It was very obvious who the mole was and it didn’t even try to make you guess and doubt all of the characters which would have certainly made that part of the film much better. As it is always good to doubt many of the characters when something like that was happening. Stratton wasn’t really build up very well and we weren’t really bothered about him. The character development was very weak so you didn’t really care if he succeeded or not.

Dominic Cooper didn’t really have a lot to work with as the script left him very short in making his character likeable. We don’t learn enough about his background early enough to get engaged and it just thrown in more towards the end. But it does also raise the question to whether Cooper is the type of actor to lead this type of film, although after this one I don’t imagine he will get many more opportunities and rightly so.

I did have one huge massive compliant with a performance and it was probably one of the worst I have seen for a very long time and that was Connie Nielsen and her horrific attempt at a British accent! I actually was cringing every time she came on the screen and really did not want her to open her mouth. Honestly it is really that bad, why why why! I mean come on her role was extremely important as Sumner and being in charge of MI6 and it was laughable. Worst attempt at a British accent on film? It is certainly one of them, you should find a small clip from the film just so you understand.

Bland and boring are the best words to describe this film and now trying to put together a review about it, I am left wondering just how it even managed to get a cinema release and not just straight to DVD or a streaming service. I guess my risk of giving the film a chance despite the bad reviews didn’t pay off at all for this one, but I guess I can now warn others to avoid this one completely.

I don’t imagine it will do anything at the box office or even be on at the cinema for very long at all. I do believe it is down to just a morning screening from Friday so it will only have been given one full week.

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