Capone (2020) Review

A look into the life of now 47-year old Al Capone after spending just over a decade in prison he begins suffering from dementia and neurosyphilis living in Florida.


Al Capone was once the most feared mobster in Chicago and was brought down due to tax evasion at the age of 40, he was given release from prison due to no longer being a threat as his mind was almost gone after untreated neurosyphilis was eventually taking its toll. On release he was living in Florida but still under surveillance by the FBI who did not believe his illness and thought he was just faking it. However his diseases are taking control and he fully loses control of his motor functions, which means we get a lot of 💩 throughout the film.

In all honesty I was in two minds whether or not to even bother reviewing this film or not, the reason I have decided to put together what will probably be one of my shortest reviews is more as a reminder that I did watch it and also had others watch it as well part of the #FridayFakeCinemaClub (sorry again guys).

Having heard that this received such terrible reviews it made me curious if it was really that bad, I would even confirm that it is worse than you have heard! I seriously do not have anything good to say about this at all. Everything about it was shockingly bad, the story, the script, the performances were all just awful. It felt as though it was done for shock value and to kinda take away everything else we have seen over the years with Capone on screen. Oldest looking 47/48 year old going? They made Hardy look around 80?!?

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