Queen & Slim (2019) Review


Queen and Slim are out on a first date which certainly doesn’t go to plan when they are pulled over by a police officer and everything spirals out of control when Slim accidentally kills him in self defence.


The first date between Queen and Slim seems to be pretty average as they are in a diner and pretty much getting to know each other. He doesn’t drink and seems like a very nice guy, she is a lawyer and very opinionated about well everything. It doesn’t really feel like much between them but not long after this the event would change everything for them as an individual and as a pair.

Slim driving and pulled over by the police officer for what he claimed was forgetting to put on a turn signal. Which wasn’t entirely true for this cop who just happened to be white and pulling over two black people. The reason you realise it is bad when he radios to check the licence and insurance when he says a black man and white woman in the car. A man without any morals and was going to do what he wanted to Slim. Queen didn’t really want to take that and starts to stand up for them. It all goes terribly wrong, she gets shot in the leg and this is when Slim has to fight for himself and defends himself, but ends up killing the cop when he gets the gun. It was never intentional and anything he would usually do.

They decide that the only option is to run and when the video of the incident is released they actually become a symbol to so many people across the whole country. As they attempt to get out of America they must drive and stay hidden, with a little help along the way from some people. But will they be able to work out who to trust.

This film reminded me a little bit of The Hate U Give with the similar storyline when it comes to a white cop and young black man who was driving. It makes for very uncomfortable and sad viewing really, as this is the reality still in some places. Something that really does make you feel sick for the people who end up being involved with this horrendous crimes.

Running time of the film is two hours and ten minutes, which feels very on the long side. At times we get some truly beautiful shots of them driving through different towns and states but after the first few it just doesn’t have the same impact. Realising that they are being protected by people in different places was something that gave them so much hope. We do get the cat and mice chase going on with the police but it doesn’t really seem to happen quickly enough. It does have some shocking scenes that you grow to not expect with the general pace of the film, and some amusing moments. But personally for me it was lacking something to pull it all together, I cannot really think what it was though.

The characters though are likeable enough and you cannot really complain about that. Obviously due to the performances and I have to admit that I really love the different roles Daniel Kaluuya  takes on and with each film I am more impressed becoming more of a fan of his acting ability. Jodie Turner-Smith is a newcomer really when you look at her filmography and that is very impressive as she is very good alongside Kaluuya creating some very good chemistry and the exchanges.

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