Rough Night (2017) Review


Five friends who meet a college eventually manage to catch up for a bachelorette weekend in Miami, but everything goes wrong and takes a strange turn when they accidentally kill who they think is a male stripper.


Jess did not want anything crazy for her night with her friends but that is something Alice does not listen to and totally goes against her friends wishes. She is overbearing and a truly horrific character so much so that you even wonder why Jess has agreed to this and even invited her to the wedding. Her jealously of Pippa who has travelled from Australia for the event is truly pathetic and that character kills the film even more in my opinion.

Not that anything about this film is actually good though. It is just horrible from start to finish and the only reason I actually decided to watch it was because Scarlett Johansson is in it and I was interested in seeing her take on a different type of role. I mean come on the plot is horrible, that they or Alice accidentally kills a man they believe is a stripper and try to cover it up in truly stupid ways. Including one of them having a three way with the married neighbours. To then find out the man was a criminal so that makes everything ok right?

Peter who is Jess’ fiancé starts on a stupid drive when he thinks she doesn’t want to marry him anymore drinking energy drinks to stay awake and wearing a nappy so he doesn’t have to stop. I actually feel this film is even worse when explaining some of the reasons why I did not like it at all. Although I guess I need to even judge myself for continuing to watch this absolute trash.

I would very happily not watch Jillian Bell in anything else, as her performance and character in this is just the worst. So annoying constantly and even the attempted redemption with Jess was just too late and not at all believable after the way she behaved. This is also another film which has made me question Kate McKinnon and if she is actually a good actress or not? The more I have seen her in the worse that seems to get, anyone else feel the same way? I also have to mention her awful Australian accent, which I’m guessing was supposed to be funny?

Considering this film was supposed to be a comedy, nothing was actually funny. It went into the more cringeworthy area, I was guessing it was attempting to continue in the same form as Bridesmaids and create something in that format. It does not work at all and the amount of illegal actions which take place and are put across as normal is actually quite worrying in a film like this to be completely brutal about it all. I just haven’t got anything positive to say about the film at all hence the one star rating I have given it.

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