Regarding Henry (1991) Review


Henry Turner is a hotshot lawyer who doesn’t really seem to care about anything including his wife  Sarah and daughter Rachel. Everything changes after he is shot and it effects his brain, he cannot remember anything and must regain his speech and mobility.


Before stumbling across this film on Netflix a couple of days ago I hadn’t even heard of it. But I thought it sounded ok and with Harrison Ford and Annette Bening in the leading roles I knew it meant it would at least have some good performances, that is something that I can confirm that we get from the pair.

The film turns out to be very emotional but not in the way that I ever really expected. The relationship between Henry and his daughter Rachel is certainly the nicest and best part about it. As a child must deal with her father not actually knowing who she is, but still works hard to help him remember small things and still love him like nothing has actually happened. That relationship really does give you hope about life and well love for family.

I thought the way the story develops and the fact that the married couple were far from happy and then they find out what the other was actually up to. But everything changed when Henry got shot and his rehabilitation meant that he got a second chance with everything. Does he believe the work he was doing was the right thing morally to do? Had he actually been a nice good person?

The answer to all of that is well no he really wasn’t at all. Not that being shot should be the  answer to getting someone to change. But obviously that is what sparks it in this film from start to finish. I was very impressed with Harrison Ford as some of the scenes are difficult to watch when he cannot walk/move and use the ability to speak and tell people what he wants. Bill Nunn must be mentioned for some scene stealing moments as the therapist who has a very unique and special way of working with his patients.

When I watch Annette Bening in a film I always wonder why I have not seen more of her as I am always very impressed. She becomes each character and really is such a strong and brilliant actress in my opinion. While this film is not perfect we are given some nice moments which make you smile when watching. But is the actual storyline too extreme, would it really be possible to survive that type of gun shot?

I do love finding a film like this one though on Netflix certainly a good thing about the streaming service in giving you the opportunities to watch a less known film like this one, even with some big named actors in it. If you have seen this one were you impressed with the performances and/or story? As I guess I have placed my verdict well and truly on the fence!

2 thoughts on “Regarding Henry (1991) Review

  1. A lot more people have found this film since the writer Jeffrey Abrams was revealed as none other than Star Wars/Star Trek/Lost/Alias and more J J Abrams. i’ve been meaning to rewatch it since finding it out so thanks for letting us know its on Netflix =)

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