The Hangover Part III (2013) Review

This time no party, no drinking, so no actual hangover. But the wolf pack hit the road to help Alan after the death of his father, it was always going to go wrong.

The third (and hopefully last) film in the Hangover series, I was never a massive fan of even the first film, thought the second was truly awful so didn’t really hold too much hope for this one. Which turned out was a good thing, as I found it a total waste of time and thought it was pretty terrible from start to finish. The things that were a little funny in the first film have now been massively overdone and attempts to recycle jokes is now very old.

They don’t even have a hangover in this one and therefore it’s taken a totally different turn. They are now paying for things which happened in the first film and second film. I mean I think the introduction of Marshall was pretty good as black Doug did mention his name in the first one. John Goodman as always playing a good part but that wasn’t enough to save this film.

I don’t think it helps when I really cannot stand Chow, so creepy and not funny in the slightest and become worse over the course of the films. This one he is just terrible again, I know it’s a comedy but doesn’t that mean it’s supposed to be at least a little bit funny to watch? Well you would hope so, this is another aimed for the male population.

It becomes a rat race as they search everywhere for Chow and must find him after he set them up or Marshall is really going to take them out. It has a few twists and turns but all predictable. Honestly I am trying to find something good to say about this film . . . Bradley Cooper still looks good! I guess that’s a plus for any women watching the film, he is a very good-looking man.

The main thing which I actually thought was funny (and maybe wasn’t meant to be) was the use of current electronics and some tongue in cheek moments with these things. Like the Beats headphone scene I actually liked, along with the find my phone. At least it is being current and up to date with how people actually go on in everyday life!

My recent run of liking films I have seen at the cinema lately has come to a very abrupt end which doesn’t surprise me I wasn’t really expecting to like this film, but to actually wonder how much longer it was going to go on for made it even worse really. I think the person next to me constantly laughing didn’t help as I just didn’t get what they found so funny. I did laugh twice but surely it should be constant laughter during a comedy? You would hope so, I wouldn’t recommend this film at all!

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