10 Years at the Movies!


February 9th 2009 . . . That was the date I made my first ever blog post and as you can probably tell 10 years later it is still very much all about films! While Let’s Go To The Movies came a little bit later (7th June 2009) in terms of the name my adventure on here started 10 years ago to this date.

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A couple of days ago now I purchased a new domain:


I thought it would be a good idea so everyone knew I was based in the UK as often I think that is rather confusing.

To go along with the new domain (I am still keeping Letsgotothemovies7.com due to so many links to that online) I thought a new layout would be a great idea!

If readers can let me know if it is better than the old layout to read that would be fantastic!

(Look out for the different films in the header, constantly changing)

Posteritty – Film Quote Posters

I came across the incredible Posterity at some point on Twitter before Christmas, as someone had retweeted them for the very cool film calendar they were releasing. I then got it as a Christmas present (after sending the link on) and after that bought some of the posters. I have eventually got round to putting them up on my wall and thought it was well  worthy of it’s own blog post and to encourage my fellow film fans to check out the website for the fantastic minimalistic images and some with quotes.

I have therefore picked some of my favourite quotes from my favourite films. I am sure you won’t be surprised with my choices!


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Last week a website with the title Pottermore appeared with coming soon across it and J.K. Rowling’s signature. Leading up to an announcement which you can follow the countdown here. Nobody seems sure at all what the announcement is going to be about, but early talk has stopped rumours of a new book and stated that is not what it is all about. I guess we can still hope a little bit that we are going to get another book.

You can also follow on Twitter the account https://twitter.com/#!/pottermore which has made just two tweets and has over 72,200 followers! It really does just show the power of the internet and social network sites with how fast people heard about ‘Pottermore’ only 3 days and 2 hours to find out what its all about!