10 Years at the Movies!


February 9th 2009 . . . That was the date I made my first ever blog post and as you can probably tell 10 years later it is still very much all about films! While Let’s Go To The Movies came a little bit later (7th June 2009) in terms of the name my adventure on here started 10 years ago to this date.

I find it quite an achievement that I have managed to keep going and blogging and reviewing so many films, catching new releases at the cinema and seeing old classics but also rewatching films I have seen before to review. I have a few special posts coming up over the next few weeks as well as my usual Oscars build up as well!

1239 = Current number of Film Reviews

I guess this is the perfect opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone who has read Let’s Go To The Movies over the years and helped me to continue to express my love (and sometimes hate) for many different films! I see this as an amazing milestone and looking forward to making my tenth year the best one yet.

Thank you so very much!

Caroline (Caz)

24 thoughts on “10 Years at the Movies!

  1. Congratulations on the ten year anniversary, still here where so many others have fallen by the wayside! Still always a great read, even if I can’t agree with you on musicals!

    After double checking, I got my date wrong, my first post was 19th not 9th, so you are ten days older than me!

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    • Ah that is a shame that our anniversary is not not the exact date, but close enough!

      I still hope one day a musical might come along that changes your mind! Haha, here’s to the next decade!


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