High Crimes (2002) Review

When successful lawyer Claire Kubik’s world is turned upside when she discovers her husband is not Tom Kubik but has a very dark past and is Ron Chapman who is wanted for murder of Latin American villagers when he was in the Marines.


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Coming 2 America (2021) Review

When Akeem who has recently been crowned King finds out that he has a long-lost son back in the United States in Queens after his first thirty years ago, he finds him and brings him to be his unexpected heir due to the current rules around only males being able to rule, much to the dismay of his eldest daughter who had spent her whole life preparing.


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Seven (1995) Review

Two detectives at different points in their careers are teamed together to hunt a serial killer that is using the seven deadly sins when picking his victims. Somerset a veteran and on the verge of retiring and Mills a rookie who will do anything to impress. They must put this together to catch the John Doe killer!


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2020 Letterboxd Stats!

I signed up for Letterboxd way back in 2015. Yes, really! Although I didn’t actually start using it properly until the end of 2019 and therefore 2020 was the first full year that I logged every single film that I watched. Albeit not as many Cinema films as I would have liked, which leads me on to saying during the lockdown/furlough stage I spent a lot of time logging in the diary all of the films I had seen at the Cinema dating back to 2003 (yes, I still have my Lord of the Rings: Return of the King ticket). This obviously took a few weeks as I also logged the films I have review on here as well. So as you imagine a lot of time was taken to do this. It gives some amazing all-time stats though.

Here we can take a look at my 2020 stats and I am sure no one will be surprised with my most watched films either!

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