2021 Letterboxd Stats!

This was my second proper full year of logging everything I watch on Letterboxd and it really is so helpful and useful for keeping track of which films you watched and being able to put tags on means you can then easily scroll through that way as well. My challenge for this year was to “review” each film as well, which meant I just put in a couple of comments about the film.

Here we can take a look at my 2021 stats and I am sure no one will be surprised with my most watched films either!

For the second year running When Harry Met Sally was my most watched film and the end of 2021 actually saw the legend that is Billy Crystal quote tweet a photo during my New Year’s Eve viewing! (See post here). Yes, the Groundhog Day viewings were all on actual Groundhog Day!

For the top actors I did have Ralph Fiennes, Russell Crowe and Daniel Craig slight obsessions, the latter was more of a rewatch after seeing No Time To Die at the cinema! It seems for director I stayed very close to home with fellow South Shields born in Sir Ridley Scott.

It was still a very tricky year with cinemas being closed for a big part of it, and a shorter lockdown meant I watched 100 less than in 2020 but I am not bothered about that at all. I feel 340 is still an incredible achievement and so close to one per day, with an average of 6.5 per week!

340 films watched in 2021!

Seriously though if you don’t have Letterboxd make that something you do for 2022, these stats are so much fun.

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