Blogathon – My Movie Year

Andy over at Fandango Groovers Movie Blog  has set up yet another fantastic blogathon to get involved in. If you have a blog/website get involved! Pick your favorite movie year and back up your choices with the five films that make that year your favorite. Let Andy know you are doing it by clicking the link above!

Haven’t quite decided on my year yet . . .

Oscars 2012 – The Show

There’s no business like show business . . . this is something that the Oscar’s is all about showing the world that there really is no business like show business. Billy Crystal was back to being our host again for the ninth time. It was always going to be a more traditional show after the poor attempt last year at having two young actors hosting in Anne Hathaway and James Franco, which really didn’t work. More because of Franco being so wooden than Hathaway, she didn’t really do anything wrong. But they went back to Crystal and you can’t really going too wrong with him as you know exactly what you’re going to get.

The opening monologue featured Crystal in some scenes from the nominated films and sharing a kiss with Geroge Clooney was among it. Also a small cameo from Justin Bieber which Crystal put it that it was to capture the younger audience! His opening speech also had songs about the nine best picture nominations which was actually rather clever due to the nature of some of the films.

We saw loads of different actors throughout the show hitting the stage to present the different awards. Some very charming and others relying on jokes. All of this is what we have come to expect from the ceremony, with a mixture of the current biggest selling actors along with previous Oscar winners and much-loved older actors.

The big four winners . . . aka the acting Oscar winners. These four awards are the most talked about and looked into with the Best Picture and Best Director. As they are the ones audiences pay the most attention to throughout the film going year. These are also the speeches we all want to hear! We want to see how they react and how they then act whilst holding the Oscar they have just won.

Christopher Plummer was my favorite with his “”You’re only two years older than me darling, where have you been all of my life?” that has to be my favorite quote of the night. Just fantastic from Captain Von Trapp! Who became the oldest ever Oscar winner. It makes me want to see The Beginners even more now, as my cinema didn’t screen it!

Obviously my other favorite was the ever fabulous Meryl Streep. Who I have grown to love so much over the past few years, yet I still haven’t managed to catch up on all of her films! I just thought her reaction when she won was so shocking and to be honest I was surprised that she had won as well. Her speech was then just lovely from start to finish and admitting she knows she will never be up there again! I am sure many more nominations will come her way, being the most nominated actress of all time!

The Artist was the big winner collecting best picture, actor and director. So pleased that I can say that I have seen this film as it really is a fantastic experience. As an earlier blog post stated I have only seen 2 of the films which were nominated therefore I am very pleased that I have seen the one that won. Especially that I loved it from start to finish and hope the win encourages people to go and see it!

So after the disappointed of last years Academy Awards, Oscar went back to being more basic and putting on a show that we all have been used to in the past. Therefore a winning formula and I found it very nice to watch, it flowed very well and we got to see a lot of the hottest acting talent around. Much better than last years! Helping me also see which films I now have to catch up with (ok I already knew, but the Oscar makes you want to see them more!). Until next year . . .