The Beaver (2011) Review

Walter Black has a few problems when splitting up from his wife, struggling to cope with depression he adopts The Beaver as his means of communication. With a different accent he communicates with everyone through the beaver.

If your thinking this film sounds and looks very random then you will not be disappointed as it really is bizarre and random from the very start until the very end. I did however find myself actually laughing out loud at different parts of the film mainly because I ended up rather shocked with what was actually happening.

The Beaver actually helps Walter at work when it comes up with a new toy for his struggling business, but I guess that it is a little strange as it was obviously Walter who came up with idea. I guess at times the concept of it is difficult to get around, and we the audience feel like the other characters in our reaction to the erratic behaviour from Walter.

But the film does not just focus on Walter is focuses on those closest to him and we have a very interesting story-line with his son. Who gets paid by fellow students at school to write papers for them, which works out well for him until the girl he likes asks for help for her graduation speech. Walter’s behaviour has a direct impact on his son and makes his life even more difficult.

I guess in the end this film has some fantastic thoughts and ideas on depression and the way people try to deal with certain aspects of their lives which may become easier if they can hide behind something. Pretending that it is not them and another personality. This is probably still quite a taboo area in life and something that people cannot openly talk about.

I think one of the most difficult things in taking this film seriously has to be the funny accent and how funny the beaver puppet actually looks. It takes the edge off everything else that is happening – it is difficult to tell whether that was intentional or not.

You cannot deny however that good performances come from all the cast members, in what is a very difficult film.

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