Chef (2014) Review

Carl Casper is a chef who really does love food and cooking it, but when things go bad after an awful review he loses his job in the restaurant and all credibility in the process. He must then start all over again …

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One Last Dance

On twitter this morning I came across a Kick Starter project to make a film called “One Last Dance” staring Jonathan Pryce. Not only do I totally love him, I was also watching Evita at the time as well which was a little bit creepy. It sounds like it will be a very heart warming film so let’s try and help get it made!

“A lost love reconnects an old man with his past reigniting his passion for life in a last dance. Stars Jonathan Pryce. Music by Orbital. One Last Dance is a story about the texture of memory, lost love and the haunting intimacy of a dance.”

You can see all the details at the following link:

Follow on twitter- @1lastdance

I’ve pledged, will you?