Musical Moments – Bridget Jones Diary

Probably one of the funniest “fight” scenes in romantic comedy films. This really is just a brilliant scene with “It’s Raining Men” playing as Mark Darcy and Daniel Cleaver fight over Bridget!


5 thoughts on “Musical Moments – Bridget Jones Diary

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  1. You know, it was only yesterday that I thought to myself ‘I haven’t watched Bridget Jones’ Diary for YEARS, I need to see it again soon’ and now after this, I’m going to be sat on my sofa tonight with a tub of ice-cream and watching this!
    – Allie

    1. I am so glad this blog post has inspired you to watch the film again 🙂 I really do love it but hope I don’t turn into Bridget! haha

  2. Apparently the ‘fight’ was choreographed and was intended to include stuntmen. But when they started shooting Colin Firth said it was so unrealistic for a couple of middle class wimps that they decided it would be better to just let the characters actually ‘fight’, and that is what we see in the clip. Very funny

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