Chef (2014) Review

Carl Casper is a chef who really does love food and cooking it, but when things go bad after an awful review he loses his job in the restaurant and all credibility in the process. He must then start all over again …

Carl Casper lived for his work and this often put a strain on his relationship with his son Percy who wanted nothing more than to spend more time with his dad. He is obsessed with the food he makes and it becomes clear that this must have cost him his marriage as well. This is when he eventually decides to get a food truck and he can then make which ever food he wants to.

This then changes the film into a road trip which involved his best friend and fellow chef Martin along with a chance to bond with his son in the drive from Miami back to LA. Stopping in all different towns on the way back, and really creating a buzz around the food truck and food they are serving.

Something I really loved about this film was the use of social media and in particular Twitter to really show how it can damage but it can also be very good as well. As long as you know how to work it properly, as Carl quickly finds out when he first signs up. This is something that helps Carl and Percy become closer together as gives them something to connect with.

It does have some moments which will have you laughing out loud as well, in particular Robert Downey Jr’s scene. Probably mainly because he was in it, but when you see this film I am sure you will understand more what I mean, I just don’t think that scene would have worked out well with anyone else in that part.

Another thing is that the food really does look incredible and it will make you want to actually be the one getting to eat it, so don’t head into the cinema hungry when you see this one! I can imagine that not being fun at all. A lot of effort was put in to make the process of making the food look just as fun as eating it.

I found this to be a lot more enjoyable than I thought it would be and certainly a nice heartwarming story to go along with it as well. Takes a couple of different turns to you may first think!

5 thoughts on “Chef (2014) Review

  1. Good review Caz. Because of Favreau, this movie totally works. It’s pleasant, charming, and most of all, an absolute tribute to what it means to make something your own and never pass it off as anybody else’s.


  2. Spot-on review. The film was such a fresh cinematic experience. It stands out proudly in my list as the only film which made me dangerously hungry. :p
    Keep these posts coming. 🙂


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