2/9 Instead Of 10/10

Possibly the strangest blog title you’ve seen in a while right? Well 2/9 means 2 out of 9 of the Best Picture nominees that I have seen before this years Academy Awards. 10/10 refers to the 2011 awards when I saw 10 out of 10 of the Best Picture nominees. This explains the lack of Oscar talk on Let’s Go To The Movies this year. I don’t feel that I have seen enough of the nominated films to post comments and make predictions this year. Even more so compared to last year when I managed to see all the best picture nominated films.

This has led me to a different approach for tonight’s Oscars, which I have set to record on Sky+ and not really sure if I am looking forward to them very much. I will of course still watch it tomorrow when I get a chance, but I will probably be checking to see who won which award in the morning!

As I haven’t seen many of the nominated films this year (which has often been due to lack of time at the cinema, or not appearing at the cinema at all). I have decided to do my predictions on the big awards using only the films I have seen:

Best Picture, between The Artist and The Descendants . . . it has to be The Artist. I enjoyed it from start to finish and thought it was just an amazing journey.

Best Actor in a Leading Role, between Clooney, Dujardin and Oldman I am going to go for Dujardin just because he had to use actions rather than words. But I wouldn’t be disappointed if either of the other two walked away with the award.

Best Actress in a Leading Role, between Mara, Streep and Williams I am going to say Williams was my favorite. I thought she was pretty perfect as Monroe.

Best Actor in a Supporting Role, between Branagh and Nolte without a doubt for me Branagh’s performance is on a different level. I still haven’t got over Nolte being nominated I couldn’t understand a word he was saying throughout Warrior.

Best Actress in a Supporting Role, between Bejo and McCarthy it would have to be Bejo such a moving performance in a film I really enjoyed. Yes I did love Bridesmaids but didn’t think any of the performances would get an Oscar nom.

Those are the only one’s I’ll do as let’s face it, it really is not as fun having only seen two or three of the nominations! I guess I have a few films to catch up on from 2011! Any thoughts on which ones not to see is much appreciated!