Recreating the Movie – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

This recreating the movie moment was not something that I had even thought about myself. A story is behind this one as Marathon Talk a podcast has a kit around the world challenge, wearing the kit around the world!

When in Chicago I was trying to find a great location for a catalogue pose in my Trust the Process Run t-shirt. I decided on the Skydeck in Willis Tower . . .

When Martin Yelling was doing this feature on the podcast he likened the location to that in Charlie and the Chocolate factory with the elevator scene! So I have to not only thank him but also be happy to have another addition to the recreating the movie section! Totally by accident and something I hadn’t even thought of 😂

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971) Review


Willy Wonka famous for his chocolate bars and sweets has been a recluse for years and he suddenly announces a Golden Ticket competition. The five people who find them will be invited into his chocolate factory for the day. One of them ends up being Charlie, a very poor little boy who appreciates every second of it.


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Johnny Depp & Tim Burton: A Love Match Made in Heaven

The up and coming release of Alice in Wonderland will be the 7th collaboration between director Tim Burton and actor Johnny Depp. They keep putting out amazing films, with Depp putting in brilliant performances. We see it a lot when certain directors keep working with the same actors and putting out very good films, so once an actor finds a director who can bring out the best in them is it best for them to keep collaborating? I think so. Depp and Burton are a prime example of creating good films together which are wacky, wild and often random.

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