Conversations with Other Women (2005) Review


A man and woman begin flirting with each other at a wedding, but is everything as it seems with the sexual tension that is so obvious between them?

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My Best Friends Wedding (1997) Vs Made of Honor (2008)

I love “My Best Friends Wedding” as you may already know I am a massive fan of Julia Roberts aka Jules in my world. Yet it is quite a strange film in terms of the ending really isnt what you would expect from Hollywood but is it more realistic? In my world yes it is. Its heartbreaking at times but thats life isn’t it. I have probably watched this film more times that people can actually imagine. Quite a few months ago I eventually got round to see “Made of Honor” which I had heard was like MBFW but the other way round. I however have to totally disagree with that and this post will end up in a rant that men always win no matter what the situation is.


Made and released more than 10 years apart really shows the direction in which romantic comedies aka rom-coms have come over the years. That direction is down. Don’t get me wrong some have been quite good like “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and “(500) Days of Summer”. But way exactly have I enjoyed these? They have more realistic moments in them and manage to connect to the audience in different ways. Especially (500) Days of Summer it is so realistic and good how throughout the film it reminds us it is not a love story it is a story about love, and showing how different your expectations are in comparison to what reality is.

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News: Sutherland Had ‘No Passion’ With Roberts

I think it seems as though it was best for both of them that they did not get married. If the passion is gone, then theres not really much you can do.

Kiefer Sutherland’s romance with ex-fiancee Julia Roberts broke down after their sex life vanished.

Roberts, who once branded the 24 actor “young and silly” for proposing to her, called off the couple’s wedding just days before they were due to exchange vows in 1991.

And Sutherland admits that although he felt a strong connection with the Pretty Woman star, their relationship collapsed when the passion burned out.

He tells Elle UK, “Well, at the time, I wanted to raise horses on a farm in Montana, and she was the number one actress on the planet. That didn’t create a specific rift but there was a gulf in what we actually wanted.

“There was a huge connection between us but… it was more like friends than the passionate relationship that she or I would have wanted. She saw that; I did not.”