Mickey Blue Eyes (1999) Review

When English auctioneer Michael Felgate proposes to his girlfriend of three months Gina Vitale he had no idea that his father-in-law to be was a Mafia kingpin and that this would result in some favours from Frank.


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Awakenings (1990) Review

Awakenings is an in-depth look into the victims of an encephalitis epidemic which occurred many years before have been unresponsive ever since. With no hope for them until Dr. Malcolm Sayer began to notice responses or reflexes and campaigns to trial a new drug.


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The Sopranos (TV Series) Review


In New Jersey mob boss Tony Soprano must deal with his own personal issues as well as though professional ones being head of the family, all having a huge impact on his mental state, this sees him seek professional help with a psychiatrist.


Number of seasons: 6
Season 1 – 13 episodes
Season 2 – 13 episodes
Season 3 – 13 episodes
Season 4 – 13 episodes
Season 5 – 13 episodes
Season 6 – 21 episodes

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