August 2017 at the cinema

Into the eighth month of the year now so much more than half way though, I am actually thinking that 2017 isn’t the greatest year for film in all honesty.

The number of films I went to see was 8 and this then cost £2.23 per film as the Unlimited Card at Cineworld is £17.90 per month.

2nd – 47 Meters Down – Review

7th – The Big Sick – Review

9th – Atomic Blonde – Review

11th – Girls Trip – Review

21st – The Dark Tower – Review

23rd – The Hitman’s Bodyguard – Review

30th – Logan Lucky – Review

30th – Detroit – Review

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June 2017 at the Cinema

Half way through the year now and it has been pretty mixed so far in terms of films. I think this month was pretty strong really, yes really even though I saw King Arthur and The Mummy. I thought the films I went to see tried to do something and contenders for films of 2017 do appear as well!

£17.90 per month for Cineworld Unlimited Card, I went to see 7 films which means it therefore cost me a very small £2.55 per film this month.

I saw the following films in June

1st – Wonder Woman – Review

2nd  – King Arthur: Legend of the Sword – Review

14th – The Mummy – Review

18th – Gifted – Review

19th – My Cousin Rachel – Review

20th – Baby Driver – Review (Unlimited Screening)

22nd – Churchill – Review
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100th Cineworld Unlimited Screening!

Tonight is a big occasion at Cineworld. They are celebrating the 100th Unlimited Card holders Screening. Just incase you don’t know anything about them, it is pretty much a preview of an up and coming film before everyone else can see it.


They have included some Secret Screenings as well, you sometimes get a free bag of sweets to go with it.

Tonight we are getting an extended preview of Ghost in the Shell along with Popcorn before the main feature of Free Fire.

I was going to attempt to try and work out how many of the 100 Unlimited Screenings I attended but unfortunately I did not tag them all on my blog. I guess I could work back through old tickets and emails (watch this space, just haven’t had a lot of time this week).

January 2017 at the Cinema

Always one of the busiest months at the cinema due to the number of releases, especially in the build up to Awards season.


I certainly got my moneys worth (and more) from my Cineworld Unlimited pass which costs £17.40 per month, so seeing 12 films cost me a very little £1.45. When you work it out that way fantastic value for money!

I managed to see the following films:

1st – Silence – Review

3rd – A Monster Calls – Review

5th – Assassin’s Creed – Review

8th – La La Land – Review

14th – La La Land – Review

15th – Live By Night – Review

20th – Jackie – Review

22nd – Manchester by the Sea – Review

23rd – Hacksaw Ridge – Review

25th – Lion – Review

29th – Split – Review

30th – Moonlight – Review

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Cinema Tickets

Having attended the cinema hundreds and hundreds of times over the years, I have a rather strange thing of keeping all of the cinema tickets from the different screenings. Which my friends still laugh at – yet appreciate if we ever argue about which screen we saw a certain film in the past. Yes that probably does sound very sad but it’s just one of our cinema things that we seem to do.

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Cineworld: Harry Potter Marathon

Cineworld are having a Harry Potter Marathon starting Friday 8th July in build up to the release of the Deathly Hallows part 2. Which is consisting of showing each Harry Potter movie every day. Here

Being a very late comer into the world of Harry Potter I have only seen the Deathly Hallows part 1 on the big screen. I am therefore going to try to get to them all, if it doesn’t sell out of course. I cannot pre-book with the unlimited card!

They are offering tickets to all 7 films for 21 pound or 4 pound each screening!

Meme: 10 Movie Facts About Me

Well the newest craze hitting the blogosphere has been 10 movie facts about me a meme. Andy from Fandango Groovers so kindly tagged me to post 10 movie facts. Love it! This will all be off the top of my head, so I have no idea which direction it will head in (if any). Big shout out to who originally started this post, we really are feeling the love in the movie blogging world over the past few weeks and I think it really is just brilliant.

1. I am a total geek when it comes to going to the cinema, as I keep the tickets from every film I go to see. This helps when myself and friends argue about the last film we saw in a certain screen (from 1-11 in our local cinema).

2. The first film I ever saw at the cinema was Aladdin which would have made me 4 or 5 (depending on UK release date) and I am pretty sure I went to see it twice.

3. I can remember a hell of a lot of film quotes and find myself telling them to people in certain situations, often to help them feel better.

4. I have hundreds and hundreds of DVDs. Some of which have been watched lots and lots of times (Lord of the Rings, Julia Roberts films . . . ) and some have been watched once (Hope Springs is one I can think of off the top of my head) and about 25 have never been watched and on my must watch list.

5. I am extremely pleased that I suddenly decided to start this blog one day as it has allowed me to meet a lot of interesting people through there blogs, getting involved in blogging events and encouraging me to really think about some films whilst writing reviews and even paying closer attention when watching them. To say the least it has become somewhat a hobby.

6. Every now and then I have an actor of the moment which causes me to dive into their past work, often buying more DVDs. Over the years this has happened with Richard Gere, George Clooney, Brad Pitt and most recently Daniel Craig (thank you Casino Royale !!!).

7. My feel good, never fails to put a smile on my face movie is “The Sound of Music” possibly my most watched film EVER. As I grew up watching it and still love it to this day. I always thought Julie Andrews was the most perfect speaking woman.

8. I have a Cineworld cinema pass which I think is the best 13.50 a month to come out of my bank account! Unlimited cinema for that much a month really is something else. I do my best to go twice a week maybe more if loads of different films are out.

9. As I have probably mentioned before I never read a review before I see the film. The furthest I will go when reading a paper with a review in is looking to see how many stars they gave the review – as this doesn’t often make it very obvious how the film goes. But after I have seen a film and wrote my review, I will then read what other people thought of the film.

10. My friends and family often ask me if I have seen certain films and what I thought of them. It’s not very often I actually tell people a film is bad unless I wanted to turn it off or leave the cinema. I don’t often do that because I find that everyone has different opinions so something I hate they may love and vice versa.

Well there we go 10 random movie facts about me!!!

You Know Your Obsessed With Movies When . . .

I was going to make a hundred ways you know your obsessed with movies when . . . but I decided not to put a number on it and see how many I could come up with. If you have anymore to add to the list leave a comment and they will be added. Lets see how many we can come up with!

  1. You have a movie blog
  2. You attend the cinema at least twice a week (sometimes more)
  3. You always know what films are released each week
  4. You have a Cineworld Unlimited Card
  5. You can quote hundreds of movies
  6. You own hundreds of DVDs
  7. You mention movie scenes in everyday conversation
  8. You have your favorite actors/actresses
  9. Your friends/family ask your advice on movies before watching them
  10.  You read lots of other movie blogs
  11.  You comment on other movie blogs
  12.  You are a member of the LAMB
  13.  When you hear certain songs they remind you of a movie scene
  14.  You have inside jokes at the cinema
  15.  You get excited when the Orange film adverts change
  16.  You want to watch all of the films nominated for awards before the awards shows
  17.  You know that in March until June/July that its mainly bad films which come out
  18.  You have seen most of the best picture Oscar winning pictures
  19.  You have guilty pleasure films
  20.  You have lists of your top films split into lots of different categories
  21.  You have attempted or attempting to write your own screenplay
  22.  If your watching a boring film you begin to wonder how your going to review it
  23.  You do not read reviews before you have seen the movie
  24.  You can be biased if your favorite actors/actresses are in a movie
  25.  You are shocked when people say they haven’t seen some of the most well known films
  26.  You look forward to the Oscars so you can complain about the winners when you disagree
  27.  A film which has won the best picture Oscar is a must see. You have to check if it deserved to win
  28.  IMDb is your main source for the latest information

To be continued as thats all I can think of right now.

Comment with your suggestions.

Cineworld: 3D Price Change Correction

The other day I posted this blog Cineworld: 3D Price Change however after going to see A Christmas Carol in 3D on Monday. I read the news article on the cineworld website wrong. It is still cheaper than before . . . only if you take your glasses back and not by much really.

It is 1.90 for adults if you have 3D Glasses

1.30 for Unlimited and Children

The 80p is extra on top of those prices for those who need to buy 3D glasses.

So, I was totally wrong in my last blog as it is not really that much cheaper.

Cineworld: 3D Price Change

I have just read a news article on the Cineworld website about the change of prices for going to see 3D films. Myself and my friends have Unlimited passes, which I am sure I have mentioned before. We always thought having to pay an extra 1.50 when going to see a 3D film was a bit much as we are supposed to have unlimited access to the cinema.

Eventually however they have restructured the pricing and if you bring your 3D glasses back you will get in cheaper. Again which makes sense as I think I have 3/4 pairs already in my room. Yes I will probably take them into the cinema and recycle them as have seen places to do so.

I have been wondering who thought up the whole thing, surely it would have made sense from the beginning to bring your glasses back and get in cheaper? I am sure we asked that once and were told that you had to pay for the screen and not the glasses which was pretty laughable.

Now if you take your glasses back you get in for 80p.

Unlimited and Children 1.30

Adults 1.90

Overall, all slightly cheaper. So I am now happy with 2 3D movies coming up until the end of this year that I can save some money and take my glasses. I wonder however, who will remember to take their glasses each time. I guess we will have to decide before hand if we are going to see a 3D movie.