What now for the Harry Potter kids?

As the end of the Potter franchise is slowly approaching what is next for the three kids or now adults who were instantly launched to super stardom as it was announced they would be Harry, Ron and Hermione in the films. Now at the ages of 21/22 what does the future hold for the three stars Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson?

I’m sure they could not imagine how much becoming the three much loved characters on screen was going to change their lives forever. But can they escape being Harry, Ron and Hermione? Well they haven’t just been doing the Potter films over the years, as they have grown up they have been doing different things as well. They all seem very set on staying in the entertainment world, whether that be on the stage or the silver screen. Which is very good that they all seem to be content on staying in the public eye and entertaining everyone in all different ways.

Daniel Radcliffe had a very successful stint in the West End with controversal play Equus which he then took to Broadway with fellow Potter actor Richard Griffiths. From March this year Radcliffe has returned to the Broadway stage in a revival production of ‘How to Succeed in the Business Without Really Trying’. A theatre career seems to be something that he is very interested in, but he also has a couple more films due for release this year.

Rupert Grint has appeared in quite a few different films over the years as well as the Potter films. Driving Lessons and Wild Target seem to be the most well known of his efforts. It seems as though he is determined to keep making films and taking on different roles.

Emma Watson decided a couple of years ago that education was very important to her and started studying at Brown University in the USA. She has since put that on hold for a while, which allowed her to be more involved in the promotion of the final Potter film. She also has a couple more film projects confirmed so she must be focusing more on her acting that her degree at the moment.

Lets not forget that they are not the only now young actors who have come through the Potter films a lot more started out as children and grew up in front of us on screen. Some of which will probably only ever be known for the Potter films, and not actually continue acting after all of the franchise is finished.

Tom Felton aka Draco Malfoy is now 23 years old, and gathered a cult following throughout the films. He has quite a few film projects lined up for the future and had already done quite a few acting jobs before staring in the Potter films. The most recent news about Tom has been that he is going to become a rapper, but that does sound like it could just be a funny rumour. He also has a role in the up and coming ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’.

A big name now in Robert Pattinson after becoming Edward Cullen in the Twilight saga, but lets not forget he was Cedric Diggory before all of that! He has put in some good performances in other films and is a keen singer. Maybe he will struggle to get away from the Cullen curse rather than one from the Potter films. Doubt many people instantly think Diggory when they hear his name.

Matthew Lewis who is best known as Neville Longbottom and appeared in all eight of the films. He currently doesn’t have any new movies in production, but in recent interviews has been stated that he does see acting as a career he is going to persue.

Bonnie Wright has been in all eight films, with her character growing throughout the series. She has recently become engaged to fellow Potter actor Jamie Campbell Bower. She is currently in production for a new film, and has done some modelling in the past. She seems to have big plans in the acting world.

I am sure we will all keep an eye on what the Potter kids, now young adults are getting up to in the coming years. The fans of the Potter films have always supported the actors and I am sure they always will. Let’s hope that we get to see fantastic things from the young cast as they embark on more adult acting career’s, which have already started for many of them already. It will be brilliant to see them have success in life after Potter, as lets admit that it has taken over the past 10 years for them to do all of the films. It must have been difficult to fit other work in around these films, and now we can see them all progress into a different career, leaving behind the characters we have grown to love.