Avengers: Endgame (2019) – Avenge the Fallen

Some truly outstanding new character posters have been released in this incredible build up! Can we even cope with this build up, each week closer to the release and we are given something else to play with our emotions!

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Poster: Avenger Series

The up and coming End Game is going to be the fourth Avengers film and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to take a look at the main character posters for each film. How we have plenty more within the Universe and how they have changed.

I actually think I love the End game one the most, Inifity War is a little bit disappointing I feel. Age of Ultron shows how crazy the film was going to be.

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Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) Review


Set several months after the events of Captain America: Civil War, Peter Parker is still very excited about his experience with the Avengers and wants to do a lot more. Tony Stark attempts to mentor the teenager and wants him to be the man on the ground in New York City but also still attend school and have a normal life.


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Top 10 of 2008

This is my top 10 list of movies from 2008

So here it goes. Yes your probably thinking, its about time. But I have been trying to complete this since like February haha.

10. Body of Lies

Leonardo DiCaprio is really showing the different depths and roles he can take on. While Russell Crowe ate his way through the film, it must have been some type of record as in nearly every scene he was in he was eating something. I think he put so much weight on for the role as well. It was a pretty long film, and to be completely honest I thought it was going to be a bit boring and drag. But I really got into it and enjoyed it. Mark Strong who was in “RocknRolla” really impressed me in this film.

9. Mamma Mia!

It just had to make the list, because while it is my no means the best film ever made or anything like that. It is such a feel good movie its unreal, you cannot help to smile and be happy while watching (and singing along). Meryl Streep shows that she can sing, and Pierce Brosnan shows that he is up for a laugh as he really can’t sing. Everyone in the theatre started to laugh every time he sung. But it was all in good sport for the movie. It just looks as though all the cast had such a fantastic time while making the movie.

8. Flashbacks of a Fool

Probably not a film many people went to see, I think it was on limited release and only stayed on at the cinema I go to for a week. But with being a huge Daniel Craig fan I really wanted to see this film (yes, I was a little disappointed that he wasn’t in it for a big part of the movie) but that was essential to the story. Harry Eden was fantastic playing the younger Joe Scott. In the story explaining why Joe acted the way he did in the present day.

7. Tropic Thunder

I suppose reading what this movie about is rather complicated. A movie about making a movie, that goes wrong when they end up in a real warzone. But some fantastically funny moments with loads of great one liners. Robert Downey Jr becoming black, Tom Cruise in a fat suit as a movie producer dancing was just hilarious.

6. RocknRolla

I really enjoy the movies that Guy Ritchie makes, and this was no exception. Gerard Butler was just great, but Mark Strong really stood out for me. He was just fantastic and I loved the Archie slap, pure brilliance. So funny but so serious all at the same time, love it. It was like Richie’s other movies in terms of the swearing and violence. But also so funny like his other movies, I would say this is his best since Snatch (not as good though – but close). I was a little annoyed with the ending as it suggested sequel straight away. Just concentrate on one movie at a time, haha.

5. Iron Man

Probably the biggest supriseof the year for me, as I hadn’t read much about this or heard any of the hype about it before I went to see it. I love the comic book adaptation movies, so was like ok “Iron Man” will see what its like. Ended up totally loving it. Robert Downey Jr was just again so great as Tony Stark.I loved the whole story of how he became Iron Man and trying out the different suits was so funny. It was a typical early summer blockbuster. You really cannot beat a comic book movie.

4. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Benjamin Button was born old and getting younger. This causes a problem when he meets the love of his life,       but they do eventually meet in the middle and manage to have a few years together when they are physically the same age, although in reality he is only a year or two older than her. A really adorable love story and the chemistry between Brad and Cate was just fantastic. I really loved how much they cared for each other and looked after each other in a backwards way of the ageing process.

3. The Dark Knight

Probably a suprise this isn’t my number 1 but it was such a difficult decision to make. “The Dark Knight” was such a fantastic installment in the new batman series brought to us by Christopher Nolan with Christan Bale in the helm as Batman/Bruce Wayne. With such incredible actors, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman as support to Bale, and the introduction of the Joker portrayed by the late Heath Ledger, it was really just an incredible movie. Heath Ledger brought a whole different edge to the Joker and was so psychotic. Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent deserves some praise as well , as he was another major part in the puzzle for the great cast.

2. In Bruges

Biggest surprise package of the year. Not much was really said about this movie at the time of release, which was April time. It was such a refreshing British movie which basically offended everyone it could (with so many different jokes to laugh at). A story of two hitmen hiding out in Bruges, is such an interesting story. As it unfolds why they are there, its rather sad and the emotions are flying. Fantastic screenplay, totally original. Colin Farrell was brilliant as Ray, who was most of the time like a spoilt child.

1. The Wrestler

Brilliant, its just totally unreal. I fell for this film well and truly and I feel for the ram, I felt everything for him and cried with him. Mickey Rourke is truly brilliant and put so much into the role it. I was a fan of this from just watching the trailer as I just knew that I was going to love it from the Bruce Springsteen song played over the trailer. (Which is also on the credits). I firmly think this film is my joint favorite with ‘Million Dollar Baby’. Yes I have a thing for sport, and can understand the need and desire to compete in your chosen sport.