Top 10 – Best Films of 2011

This is my list of what I thought to be the top 10 films. I have not seen every film released, so please take that into consideration! Remember this is what I saw in the cinema in 2011. All of the films on this list may have slightly different reasons for being on it, but I will try to give my reasons as we count down. Mainly they are on the list because I enjoyed them and they left a lasting impression.

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Art Directors Guild Awards 2012 – Nominations

The art directors guild awards Annual Excellence in Production Design Awards, this means splitting films into different categories for the awards.

Period Film

THE ARTIST     Production Designer: Laurence Bennett

HUGO     Production Designer: Dante Ferretti

THE HELP     Production Designer: Mark Ricker

ANONYMOUS     Production Designer: Sebastian Krawinkel

TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY     Production Designer: Maria Djurkovic
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September 2011 @ the Movies

As it coming up to September I thought that a new monthly feature on my blog is going to contain the up and coming releases for the UK in that month. This would therefore be the films that I would also hope to have the chance of seeing at my local Cineworld cinema . . . obviously if a limited release happens, then I struggle to see the smaller films. I think we should now start to see some better films coming out after the so called summer blockbuster season is now over as we enter September.

We see a wide range of genre’s opening in the month of September, so you really do have quite a broad choice of films to choose every week. This is something that has to be better than the summer which seemed to be just comic book film after comic book film . . . which I do love but it’s nice to have some different types of films out for a bit more variety!

Fright Night

Vampire films are still classed as being very in at the moment, although I wouldn’t complain with Colin Farrell being a vampire! But this one is going for the mix between comedy and horror, which we don’t really see very often. But not long to wait to find out how this film is!

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