The Incredible Hulk (2008) Review


Dr Bruce Banner is a Scientist who is on the run from the US government after an experiment went wrong and he now transforms into a monster when he gets angry. He is attempting to find a cure for himself while in exile.


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1 Mile to You (2017) Review


Kevin’s life is turned upside down when a tragedy sees his track team all killed in a bus accident along with his girlfriend. Haunted by memories this pushes him to achieve even more by really focusing on a mile at a time at a new school and with Coach K.


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Arbitrage (2012) Review

Robert Miller is a very successful business man, has a good family and a daughter who is ready to take over the business. But everything is thrown into turmoil when his life suddenly catches up with him. Fraud has been committed and then one night with his mistress and a car crash everything has the potential to fall apart . . .

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