Dumbo (2019) Review


When a young elephant is born with oversized ears he helps a struggling circus when two children realise he has the ability to fly. This soon catches the attention of a man who wants Dumbo to be the star attraction of his new venture, but is everything as it seems?


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Batman Returns (1992) Review


Corrupt businessman Max Shreck is about to unleash chaos in Gotham when he comes across Penguin, a man who was abandoned as a baby because of his looks, now he will push him as major. Whilst also accidentally creating Catwoman from Selina. Batman must rise to protect Gotham City again.


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Beetlejuice (1988) Review


Adam and Barbara Maitland are a normal couple looking forward to spending a two-week holiday at home, everything is about to go wrong though when they crash and die on the way back. They want to try to remove the new people from their house, but cannot quite figure out how to do it alone. Beetlejuice.


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Top 10 – Worst Films of 2010

The downside of going to the cinema once maybe twice a week is that you will end up going to see some bad films at some point. Or maybe not just bad, but disappointing after they have been built up so much. I have managed to see 41 films from the year 2010, so picked by 10 worst from those!

Some of the films may come as a bit of a shock on the worst film list, but just how I felt watching the films. The more I have looked over my list the more it appears disappointment set in whilst really looking forward to seeing the films.

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