Musical Moments – Power Rangers Theme

As you are all very much aware of I throughly enjoyed the new Power Rangers film the other day as I was such a fan of the 90s TV and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers film back in the day and I think now it is still very much a guilty pleasure.

So to celebrate that this Monday the musical moments are coming with the Power Rangers Theme! I am actually going to include a few different versions of it as well, come on who is still as geeky as I am?

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The Way We Were (1973) Review

I watched this for the first time last night, of course I had heard quite a bit about this movie. Had heard the song quite a lot. But for some reason had never actually seen the movie. I liked how the song was on at the start and the music to the song was played throughout the movie which was very nice. (I like that in romantic movies).

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