LFCC – Manu Bennett

Manu Bennett is well known for tv shows such as Arrow, The Shannara Chronicles and Spartacus. He also had a starring role in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, even though he was playing a CGI character!

Manu Bennett

New Film Posters from Warner Bros.

I have recently seen this posters/covers around on DVDs and then they have started popping up on Amazon Video as well. They are very impressive and I keep searching for more of them, they seem to be Warner Bros films and they are just great!


With a nice quote from the film on them as well, which seems to be the most popular quote. I think these are really cool and will keep searching for more!

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7 Movie Villains Who Had No Business Losing

Cinema would be nothing without its villains. Not every story has one, of course, but from ordinary antagonists to world-conquering super villains, there’s usually someone to root against, and it’s often these characters that entertain us most, or most effectively drive a story forward. And almost always, these characters lose.


Generally, this is what moviegoers want. We want to see compelling antagonists who are ultimately defeated by more relatable or morally admirable heroes. But that doesn’t change the fact that there have been a lot of movie villains over the years who seemed to have about 99.9 percent chances of triumphing in their respective conflicts. Here are seven such villains who never had any business losing, but graciously did so for narrative convenience.

(Naturally, some spoilers follow for the relevant films)

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Middle Earth 6 Film Collection


In the past couple of days it has been announced that the biggest ultimate edition of Middle Earth is going to be available. That includes all three Lord of the Rings films and all three of The Hobbit films.

On both Blu Ray and DVD extended and theatrical editions, as well as codes to download the digital versions of all films as well. A truly incredible thing that I would just love, but the price is a bit crazy $799.99! I haven’t currently found anything about the UK release.

Apparently though this is not the ultimate edition Peter Jackson wants us fans to have, he had something else in mind with new footage and special features. Maybe we have to hope that will still happen!

7 Incredible Cate Blanchett Performances

Carol is released in the UK today and I have been looking forward to seeing it for months, after hearing about it while down and in London when the British Film Festival was on. For the premiere I was actually standing so close to the red carpet but couldn’t actually see anything. Cate Blanchett is a double Oscar winner, and been nominated three other times if that doesn’t say something about her incredible ability I don’t know what else will? But she really does have a fantastic range of films and she first came to my attention in Lord of the Rings.

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Returning to Middle Earth

With the up and coming release of the first installment of ‘The Hobbit’ next month I am very much looking forward to returning to Middle Earth. The Lord of the Rings trilogy really started my love for films, I have honestly lost count how many times I have seen each film. Especially the extended edition DVDs and now Blu Rays. I watched everything off them as well, the interviews, how they built the set and what went into making the incredible Middle Earth world we see on the screen. I was totally obsessed, I had so many different books, I had all versions of the DVDs and then now the Blu Ray extended editions. I have recently been watching them (again) and I honestly know all of the words for the extended editions I don’t think I would like the normal editions now. I wonder if this is something we will also get with The Hobbit?

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