Best Laid Plans (1999) Review

When a robbery goes very wrong for Nick he must do something to get money before everything unravels. The web of passion, crime and possible murder are not what they expected and thought everything was going to be very simple and straightforward.


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News: Tatum Impressed Crew After Breaking His Nose In Fight Film

Thats really cool, haha. Love it how they call him a “pretty boy” which he very much is, but he is HOT.

Pin-up Channing Tatum tested his pretty boy status on the set of new movie Fighting after breaking his nose in a punch-up.

The actor impressed cast and crew when he insisted on carrying on and then simply asked a medic to “pop” his nose back into shape.

Co-star Terrence Howard still winces at the memory: “I was having coffee with the stuntmen watching those fight scenes and they were real. Channing broke his nose and had the trainer pop it into place.

“It took 10 minutes to stop the blood, and then he went back and continued the fight. That’s how real it was.

“If it were me, I’d call my manager, he’d call an ambulance and tell me to rest for a week! I don’t have that constitution.”

But Howard admits that wasn’t the case when he fractured his finger on the set of Hustle & Flow: “I broke it in a scene with Anthony Anderson and I wanted to go to the hospital, but I said, ‘Let’s keep on going.’ So I guess if you really believe in the character you’ll make those sacrifices.”