The Best Film Related Christmas Jumpers!

Over the past few years I have found myself buying a new Christmas jumper, mainly for Christmas Day each year and have gone for film related ones in recent times. Although rather disappointing when hardly anyone actually knew that my Golden Girls jumper was in fact the Golden Girls. You can get some outstanding ones now which is why I decided to put together this blog post to highlight just how amazing some of the Christmas jumpers are and they appeal to pretty much every single fandom! Whatever you love the most you are guaranteed to find a jumper for that somewhere!

You can get a lot that are in sweatshirt style but I still personally prefer the proper trashy jumper style and when you add in film they really do have some great levels of detail on them.

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Wonder Woman Quote!


I thought after seeing the film on Thursday and still buzzing about it, since bought a t-shirt and a new POP figure to add to my collection. I thought this quote was very poignant due to the current state of our world and the events that have happened in recent weeks in the UK and spanning the past few years around the world.

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DC Universe – Will it be able to rival Marvel?

It has eventually started to happen, well actually DC started the universe back in 2013 with Man of Steel but in all honesty I didn’t realise that at the time. I mean come on we had a failed Superman attempt years before that with the awful Superman Returns. So another Superman attempt wasn’t a big thing. Well actually it turns out it was a huge thing!

From next year 2016, DC have slated in 10 films to release in four years. Now that really is making a statement and giving the audience a lot of new characters. Although some characters we may have seen in the past but I am very interested to see how it is all going to play out. Over the weekend because of the incredible Comic Con, Warner Brothers have spoilt us with two incredible trailers for next year’s releases. Those being Batman v Superman and The Suicide Squad.

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer

Yes I am sorry everyone is blogging this trailer and tweeting it, but I just had to also blog about it too! It looks incredible and has really built up a lot of excitement for myself around this film. I had not been massively sure about it before seeing this trailer in all honesty, it just fills in some gaps about why Batman and Superman are against each other.

What is not to like and love about this trailer, it is epic. We get to see Wonder Woman as well, she is going to be a massive plus for DC Comics. A proper woman superhero who I hope will get a lot of plaudits and be the first to do well in any of the franchises.

Man of Steel (2013) Review

The story begins on the world of Krypton and the birth of Kal-El. Not a very happy time, as it is quickly shown that Krypton will not survive much longer. His father Jor-El had a plan to save his young son, sending him away from the doomed planet in order to have a chance to live. This planet was obviously Earth . . .

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