Cineworld Secret Screening 14 – Possible Films

Cineworld are planning on starting 2022 off with a lovely treat for Unlimited card holders with the 14th Secret Screening! I do love nothing more than trying to guess which film and I think I have managed to have two right guesses.

Just a reminder for anyone who is going off the 15 rating and 90 minute run time that is listed on the Cineworld listing, that is never right at all they do that to try and keep it more of a secret with what the film could possibly be.

Date: Wednesday 5th January 2022

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Cineworld Secret Screening 2 – Take 2!

Date: Wednesday 11th August 2021

Technically this is the 14th Secret Screening that Cineworld are going to have but they are calling it Secret Screening 2 just to make it even more confusing. As always when a Secret Screening is announced I like to put together some guesses for what the film could be.

Disclaimer: My track record for guessing is pretty poor but I still like to try and see if I can list the film that it ends up being in these posts. It’s just a little bit of fun after all!

*The running time listed on the Cineworld site is not correct its just a guide*

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Cineworld Secret Screening 4 – Possible Films

Today Cineworld announced that is to host its fourth Secret Screening for Unlimited card holders. It is going to be a 3D film and as you will see the date for the film is bound to cause absolute uproar in people thinking it may just be the new Star Wars film!

This is what Cineworld have had to say so far . . . “What we can tell you is this: the movie is showing on Tuesday 15th December 2015 at 7.30pm at all Cineworld sites apart from Chelsea, Glasgow Science Centre and Cheltenham Screening Rooms.”

I have decided to have a rather early look into what films it could be . . . The fact that we know it is going to be a 3D film certainly does help to narrow it down and for the last couple of weeks in December not many films at all to choose from!

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7 More Reasons You Should Have a Cineworld Unlimited Card

This is a follow up to my first post with 7 Reasons You Should Have a Cineworld Unlimited Card which was done back in 2012 and believe it or not the Unlimited Card has even more reasons to get one now! Well done to Cineworld for making the incredible deal even better!!!

  1. Premium Unlimited – after having your card for 12 months you will automatically be upgraded to the premium card. Which gives you 25% all food, drink, ice cream and sweets. Also no additional charges for 3D films.
  2. Starbucks – This is now at a few Cineworld’s across the country and you can even use your card for discount on your favourite coffee treat as well. Something I do when passing the cinema and not actually going to see a film during the day.
  3. Baskin Robbins – Ice Cream has recently just changed at Cineworld and I think this is such a good thing as gives very different options and constantly different flavours of ice cream each time you visit.
  4. Secret Screenings – This has now been done twice and such an exciting experience, not actually knowing what film you are going to see until the title comes up on the screen. Roll on the next one!
  5. EE Wednesdays – with this offer combined with your Unlimited card you can take a friend to the cinema for free. As your card covers the cost for the ticket and you still get the 241 deal!
  6. Non-Film Discounts – Cineworld also have on sports events, opera and theatre on the big screen. But with your Unlimited card you also get a nice discount on those exclusive events.
  7. More Advanced Screenings – This happens more often now and often only a month between the advanced screenings of up and coming films. You have to have an Unlimited card to attend these exclusives!

So there you have it 7 more reasons you should have a Cineworld Unlimited card . . . Why don’t you sign up now? This is a UK cinema of course, I do understand that people from other places in the world must be very jealous of this offer you can get.

2013 at the Cinema!

You can view the films (and dates) which I saw them at the cinema here. As already mentioned probably hundreds of times now on the blog I have an Unlimited Card for Cineworld, therefore can see as many films as I want as many times as I want for a monthly fee. All but 1 of the 59 films I saw this year were at Boldon, Tyne and Wear Cineworld. The 1 different was in Houston Texas, when I was on holiday in the summer. I don’t think I’ve missed any as I try to keep cinema tickets and writing the reviews straight after getting home from the cinema or the following morning. I think I have done pretty well this year and only missed a few to review, of which the start of the reviews are in the draft section of the blog.

59 Films

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Cineworld – Secret Screening 2

If you read my blog a lot you will probably know that I have an Unlimited Card for Cineworld cinemas and this means you pay monthly and can go and see as many films as you want. An added bonus has been the Unlimited preview screenings and now secret screenings! The first one was held earlier this year and we got a very advanced screening of ‘Now You See Me’. It was a very strange yet fun experience not knowing what film was going to start after the trailers and Kevin Bacon advert! Now with only a couple of days to go until the second secret screening (and the two clues below) I cannot help but wonder what the film is going to be. A lot of the talk is pointing towards ‘Last Vegas’ and that is understandable.

Clue 1: He who ruled over the army had his name traced out by meteors and he clashed in the city of the rat pack. Figured it?

Clue 2: He was a good man but one to avoid. If it’s at the centre of what he works for, are you really alive? Are you watching?

Any ideas on what the film it could be?