The House (2017) Review


Scott and Kate Johansen have done everything to raise their daughter Alex in such a good way, ensuring that they support everything she wants to do in life. This also includes going to her dream college. When the town takes away her scholarship funding the take things into their own hands when a gamble goes wrong they decide to become the house, because the house always wins.


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A Single Man (2009) Review

A story that centers on an English professor George (Firth) who, eight months after the sudden death of his partner Jim (Goode), is unable to cope with his typical days in 1960’s Los Angeles. We see him on the day that he plans to commit suicide and everything leading up to that moment.

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Revolutionary Road (2008) Review

How do you break free without breaking apart?

I guess the tagline is a great place to start on describing the film, as that was the main problem between Frank (Dicapro) and his wife April (Winslet).  Its obvious that in the beginning they really did love each other so much, but over the years after moving to a house and having two children this condemned their relationship to turn to hate as they both blamed one another for not making it in what they wanted to do.


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