Netflix Christmas Films 2019

In recent years Netflix has joined in the cheesy Christmas film market trying to out Hallmark the Hallmark Christmas films. It certainly has been such a great idea as well. This year they launched the 2019 films on 1st November with Holiday in the Wild which I have already watched (and reviewed) and I throughly enjoyed it. I find it hard to believe that anything else is even going to come close to that one, as it has some nice messages as well. But I thought this was the perfect time to have a look at which new cheesy film will premiere each week on Netflix throughout November and into December.

Don’t worry though A Christmas Prince, The Christmas Chronicles, The Holiday Calendar and many more will be back to enjoy over again. It really does feel like they put a lot of effort into these films, knowing that they are going to receive so many watches throughout November and December in the build up to Christmas.

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A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding (2018) Review


A year after Amber ended up with Prince Richard we are back to see them getting ready for the Royal Wedding. Is she ready to become Queen and give up her life?


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The Lovely Bones (2009) Review

A 14-year-old girl name Susie was murdered and tells us her story from in between the real world and heaven. As she is stuck whilst wanting vengeance on her murderer and hoping her family are alright. We see the story from before Susie is murdered and what she got up to in the days up until her death.

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