The Dead Don’t Die (2019) Review


Centerville was a rather peaceful town but not for long when it finds itself battling against zombies when the dead start rising from their graves. Can Chief Cliff Robertson and Officer Ronnie Peterson do enough to save people?


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Lost Girls (2020) Review


When Mari Gilbert’s daughter Shannan suddenly disappears and the police don’t really seem to be that bothered by it so she decides to take it upon herself to investigate a gated community in Long Island, her last known location and a frantic 911 call.


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Can You Ever Forgive Me? (2018) Review


Lee Israel is struggling to survive in life, she had a best-selling book in the New York Times list but she hasn’t grown from the biographies she likes to write. When she finds an old letter and realises they are worth money she turns her talent to forging letters from famous writers.


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