Sixteen Candles (1984) Review


Samantha had been looking forward to her sweet sixteenth birthday for years now and instead of being a magical day it becomes one of the worst of her life so far. Her family not even acknowledging that is is even her birthday!


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The Philadelphia Story (1940) Review


Tracy Lord is due to marry for the second time but her ex-husband and reporter C.K. Dexter Haven isn’t going to make that easy for her. He turns up a few days before the wedding with a reporter and photographer to get the inside scoop!


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Intolerable Cruelty (2003) Review


Marilyn is a gold-digger looking for a rich man to marry and fleece for all of his money. When she comes up against Miles Massey a divorce lawyer who never loses and costs her a big payout from her cheating husband they become in a battle. Which is difficult for Miles as he is extremely attracted to her!


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Just Like Heaven (2005) Review


Elizabeth is a very hardworking and dedicated doctor, she pretty much lives at the hospital and caring for her patients. She did not make time for anything else and put her life on hold to achieve her dreams. A tragic car crash would change everything when David a lonely architect moves into her old apartment and can speak to her spirit.


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