Musical Moments – Shall We Dance?

The first time I saw this film I fell in love with Richard Gere even more, mainly due to this scene as well. Which yes I will admit it made me cry my eyes out, I honestly think its just so romantic and the song fits it all together even better. I think the song on its own could bring a tear to the eye but add in the story in the film and the build up to this moment.

Richard Gere . . . A Tux . . . A Rose . . . An Escalator …

Shall We Dance? (2004) Review

John Clark has been struggling to come to terms with his life as he is growing older and one day decides to start taking dance classes but keeping this from his wife Beverly. Something he really did not have to do, but it really is a film with so much charm and charisma.


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Pretty Woman (1990) Review

“Pretty Woman” has to be one of the best loved romantic comedies and possibly one of the films which started off the popularity to this genre of movies. It certainly put Julia Roberts level of fame on a whole new level. Who would think a story about a prostitute and wealthy business man would actually turn out to be so heart warming and sweet, with a lovely happy “hollywood” ending. But despite the never going to happen, don’t glorify being a prostitute arguments, I really do adore this film and defiantly is one of my favorites. I love Julia Roberts I really do think she is a fantastic actress, i’ve always been such a big fan of hers.


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