Happy New Year 2015!

Happy New Year to all of the followers of Let’s Go To The Movies

Thank you for you support over the past year (and years). It was a truly record breaking time in 2014 for Let’s Go To The Movies. I hit a record number of followers, of likes and comments.

As as well as reaching 1 million hits for site overall.

2014 was also the most successful reaching over 250,000 posts in this year alone!

I also broke my record for number of films watching at the cinema in a calendar year (separate post will be appearing for that). I also attempted my first blogathon that didn’t go massively to plan, but I tried! (My Hometown Blogathon)

So thank you once again to all of the people who support the site, like my posts and comment on them. Onwards and upwards for 2015 and let’s hope I can break records all over again.

2014 at the Cinema!

A record-breaking total!!!

The other amazing thing about this year as that I managed to review every single film I watched at the cinema. Something I have tried to do since starting Let’s Go To The Movies in 2009, but it has never actually worked out. I have a system now of making sure the review is done after getting home from the cinema or the following morning. It’s good to have a routine to make sure they are done, something good to look back at and see what your thoughts were. Also to actually track which films you watched!

I honestly would not be able to afford to go to the cinema this many times if it wasn’t for Cineworld’s Unlimited Card, it is an incredible deal where you pay monthly. So a big massive thank you to Cineworld for still running this incredible offer!

2014 – 62 Films

Previous years at the cinema:

2013 – 59 Films

2012 – 40 Films

2011 – 60 Films

2010 – 33 Films

2009 – 34 Films

2008 – 49 Films

2007 – 39 Films

2006 – 21 Films

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