Odeon: The Gallery

The Gallery VIP experience at Odeon Cinemas a truly fantastic way to chill out before heading into the screen to watch a film.

I did this at the Metrocentre cinema for Dunkirk in IMAX.

Cool Tables! 

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100th Cineworld Unlimited Screening!

Tonight is a big occasion at Cineworld. They are celebrating the 100th Unlimited Card holders Screening. Just incase you don’t know anything about them, it is pretty much a preview of an up and coming film before everyone else can see it.


They have included some Secret Screenings as well, you sometimes get a free bag of sweets to go with it.

Tonight we are getting an extended preview of Ghost in the Shell along with Popcorn before the main feature of Free Fire.

I was going to attempt to try and work out how many of the 100 Unlimited Screenings I attended but unfortunately I did not tag them all on my blog. I guess I could work back through old tickets and emails (watch this space, just haven’t had a lot of time this week).

Cineworld: Wristband!


Quite recently I saw something on Twitter about Cineworld doing wristbands with collectable film things to pin on them. So eventually when I went to the cinema last (to see Finding Dory) I bought one for my cousin’s little boy who is 5, he totally loved it!

At the moment they have four different choices in the things you can buy which meant it only cost £2 for the wristband already filled with the “charms” which works out the same as buying them separate at 50p each as you get a free wristband with the first one you buy.

It was a little disappointing they didn’t have anything for Finding Dory, maybe they will add that next? As I told him I would keep a look out for any new ones to add to his collection.

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Big Thanks to Sony Pictures!

When I got home from work yesterday a big box was waiting with my name on it, along with Let’s Go To The Movies. That got me curious straight away wondering what exactly I had been sent. I had no idea what was going to be in the box! But it certainly was exciting opening it, especially seeing how many things were in the box! A perfect goodie bag for a night in watching movies!

Sony Pictures were nice enough to send me all of the above goodies for the perfect movie night in! Including my very own popcorn maker, which I cannot wait to try! Along with being nice and warm in the Snugglewrap! Doritos are very much movie watching crisps along with some sweets and a mug to have a drink out of too. The only item I am not sure where and how it fits in is the squirrel, any guesses from anyone??

So thanks once again to Sony Pictures!

Popcorn at the Movies

In the last month or so of my cinema visits I have found myself getting popcorn quite a lot, something I seem to go through phases with when going to the cinema. This got me thinking after seeing Iron Man 3 for the second time this week that some films are very good when eating popcorn, Iron Man 3 is one of those films because it is a noisy film and you can get away with making a little bit more noise than usual which is something that happens when your eating popcorn.

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Cinema Code of Conduct

The 11th rule I am adding is for those people out there that when given a seat to actually sit it . . . like row G seats 12 and 13 for example and decide to just sit somewhere else and that happens to be a seat which is already taken. Just sit in the seat that has already been allocated to you! It avoids noise and people moving about when the film is due to start!

Check out everyone else involved in this movie blogothon event over at cineamscream.

Shrek 4 brings it’s own 3D Glasses . . .

As you may have noticed and remember from previous blogs I have written I am not the biggest fan of the 3D film, the only one which has really blown me away has been Avatar because they did not play on the 3D effects. The release of Shrek 4 aka Shrek Forever After last week, also saw the release of some special Shrek style glasses!

I plan on going to see the film on Saturday morning, which will probably be total madness with the number of children in the screen but I must admit that I do plan on buying the Shrek style glasses just because they really do look amusing!

But my main thoughts on this subject are how long before each film decides to cash in twice by having 3D glasses with something from the film on them? My guess is not long even if it just has the film name along the side. The whole 3D experience seems to be getting more expensive by the minute.

If you buy the glasses at a Cineworld cinema (I have no idea about the other chains) you receive a voucher for 1 pound off popcorn and one pound off a drink, but is that really worth it? With food and drink being so expensive at the cinema.

All this is just thinking about loud really, but I can see more and more different styles of 3D glasses sneaking into films over the next year or so!