The Guilty (2021) Review

Joe Baylor was demoted from his role as a police officer to the call dispatch desk and when he receives an emergency phone call from a woman claiming that she has been kidnapped it really pushes him to the edge with that and fighting his own demons.


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Boys Don’t Cry (1999) Review

Based on the very true story of Brandon Teena who when moving to a new town in Nebraska became very popular with a new group of friends. Hiding your past will never work out as he failed to mention that he was actually born as a woman named Teena Brandon.


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Critics Choice Awards 2019 – Winners

Awards season is in full flow now and everything is gearing towards the Academy Award nominations and then ceremony.




Black Panther


The Favourite

First Man

Green Book

If Beale Street Could Talk

Mary Poppins Returns


A Star Is Born


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Top 10 – Tragic Love Stories: Part 2

I decided that after watching more films and giving my Top 10 – Tragic Love Stories post more thought that a second part of tragic love stories should be done. Mainly because lets face it so many tragic love stories seem to happen on the movie world. I have taken into consideration the comments on what is now Tragic Love Stories: Part 1 – with people letting me know which films they feel have the most tragic love stories in them. I agreed with a lot of them as well, but had already done the first list.

This part contains quite a lot of more recent film love stories and some which were missed from Part 1!


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Green Lantern (2011) Posters

Although it is not due for release until 2011, the first four posters for “Green Lantern” have been released. (It looks as though this is going to have a big build up). I have to admit that I have not really been keeping up to date on this film and did not realize Mark Strong was going to be in it – this has me now very excited for this film.

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